Danske Bank

Danske Bank, which was established in 1871, has grown to one of the largest banking groups in Northern Europe. The Group operates in 15 different countries.

In addition to traditional banking services, the Group offers its private and corporate customers services particularly focused on savings, investments, insurance, real estate and asset management.

Danske Bank has more than five million private customers. The Group employs almost 19 000 banking professionals in 15 countries. The Group is headquartered in Copenhagen.

The Danske Bank share is quoted on the Copenhagen stock exchange.

ZAO Danske Bank, which was acquired by Danske Bank in August 2006, operates in St. Petersburg in Russia. The bank focuses particularly on Finnish and Nordic corporate customers operating in Russia. Danske Bank also has representative offices in Germany, Poland and Luxemburg.

The Group's online service is also very extensive. In addition to the Group's Web site and the sites of different units, each bank belonging to the banking group has its own Web site.

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