Daily banking

By signing up for Danske Benefit programme you are able to choose from three service packages. With our service package you'll manage all your and your family's daily banking matters smoothly and with efficiency.

Each service package contains:

  • Cards. With a design you yourself choose.
  • eBanking
  • Mobile services
  • Telephone services

All with one agreement and one monthtly fee - and with only one pin to remember!

Sign up for Danske Benefit programme and choose the most service package for you.

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You can choose the card that is the most suitable for you from our versatile range of cards.

  • With Danske Platinum Plus service package you are able to apply for MasterCard Platinum credit/debit. card.
  • With Danske Gold service package you are able to apply for MasterCard Gold credit/debit card.
  • MasterCard Debit is suitable as a tool for accessing your account across the globe. 

You can have One PIN code for all of your cards.

Choose your own design
You can also choose a personal design for your card.

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