Continuous saving

By saving each month, you will accumulate a significant sum of money for your future easily and without even noticing. Saving just one euro every day (i.e. 30 euro per month) will get you off to a good start.

  • An easy way to start saving
  • A small amount of money will provide you with the benefits of a big investor.
  • An opportunity to gain easy access to your money.
  • You can save monthly in nearly all of our funds.

Monthly saving affords you the opportunity to take advantage of share price fluctuations and amass even a significant amount of savings for your future acquisitions. Continuous saving is an easy and effortless way to accumulate assets for yourself or the people close to you. The sum you choose to invest will be transferred automatically to the fund of your choice each month.

Saving thirty euro per month will get you off to a good start, and you have the option of increasing the amount as your financial situation allows. In this way, you will enjoy the benefits of a big investor, including an extensive array of investments at cost-effective prices. Continuous saving gives you easy access to your assets, while the amount saved acts as a fund reserve for unexpected expenses.

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