Update your data

Welcome to our uploading page. On this page you can easily and securely fill in your basic contact information and upload a copy of your personal ID and proof of address. Please scan or take a sharp photo of your ID, complete the form with your personal information and attach the copy. In addition, we need a residence permit from people who live in Finland but are not citizens of any Nordic or EU country. Please remember to also take a copy of the reverse side of your personal identity card as well.

Verification of identity

The bank must verify a customer’s identity from a valid identity document, such as a passport or personal identity card, issued by an authority. The Finnish Credit Institutions Act and the Money Laundering Act requires a bank to obtain customer due diligence information and to verify the customer’s identity from a document acceptable as a personal ID and to retain a copy of the relevant document.


 Approved identity documents

IDs issued by a Finnish authority

  • Personal identity card
  • National passport (not an alien’s passport) In addition to the above, we will accept a Finnish driving licence (issued after 1 October 1990) from those customers whose customer relationship began before 1 January 2019.

IDs issued by a foreign authority

  • National passport (not an alien’s passport)
  • An ID card (incorporating a chip, hologram or optical security features) issued by an authority in the EU or Schengen Area

Proof of address (a bill or a certificate admitted by the authorities within 6 months, from where your name and address emerge), in case your address is abroad or encrypted.

Fill in your basic contact information and securely upload your documents