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Banking is based on mutual trust, which is created with personalised service that takes the customer’s needs into consideration. When we know your needs, we can offer the advice and solutions that best match your situation in life.

Verifying your identity

The identity of the customer is verified with a proof of identity issued by an authority, such as a passport or personal identity card. The document must be valid. In certain cases, the identity can be verified electronically using a strong authentication method, Finnish online bank credentials in practice. According to the Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, the bank must keep a copy of or sufficient information about the document used for identification. If you are acting on behalf or in the interest of another person, the bank also needs information about the identity of this other person.


Approved proofs of identity  

Documents issued by a Finnish authority Personal identity card National passport (not an alien’s passport) Travel documents issued by a foreign authority National passport (not an alien’s passport) Personal identity card issued by an authority within the EU or Schengen area (with a chip, contains a hologram or optical security measures)

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