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Congratulations! A Kiinteistömaailma estate agent has given you this personal link, which you can use to contact us simply and quickly by phone in matters relating to your home loan. Just answer a few questions on the form below and our experts will contact you within around 48 hours.

How your home loan proceeds with us

1. Answer a few questions on the form

Whether you already have a new home lined up or have just started thinking about moving home, we’re here to help you with a home loan


2. Send the form

Once we have some insight into your situation, we can serve you and proceed with your loan promptly and effectively.


3. We will call you within a couple of banking days

Once you’ve sent us the form, we will contact you. We will call you from 0200 2580. You’re a step closer to a home loan!

Questions & Answers

  • I’m in a bit of a hurry. How quickly can you make me an offer of a home loan?

    A Kiinteistömaailma estate agent has given you a link on this page to a form. When you answer the questions on the form and send the form to us, we will contact you quickly from 0200 2580. The phone call will last between 15 minutes and half an hour depending on the situation. If we are unable to reach you, we will send you a text message.

    During the phone call, we will review your situation with you and arrange a convenient time for you for further discussion. In urgent cases, we can make you an offer of a home loan at short notice.


  • Are there any financial benefits I can get on my home loan?
    As a member of an Akava affiliate, you will get a cheaper home loan. You can apply to us for a new loan or easily ask us to give a competitive quote for an existing loan – we’ll deal with the change of bank on your behalf. As a member of an Akava affiliate, we’ll give you a lower margin, instalment-free periods at no charge, a staggered payment plan and more affordable daily banking services, besides which we won’t charge you a delivery charge or arrangement fee.