Starting studies

Many things change when you start studying. For many, it also means moving away from home and taking responsibility for oneself and one’s own finances.

  • 1. Day-to-day finances

    Register as a student in eBanking and you get the Silver service package for a student's monthly price €1,80/month. The Silver service package includes a card, a current account, bank identifiers and other services and applications from Danske Bank that make managing your daily finances easier. The benefits of Danske Study are for students aged 18–32.

    At Danske Bank, you can handle your banking the way it best suits you: Become a customer
    Mobile Bank: Manage your banking easily with your smartphone. Start using the mobile application!

  • 1.  Financial aid for students

    As a full-time student, you are usually entitled to a study grant and housing supplement as well as a state-guaranteed student loan. Make use of your benefits!

    Apply for financial aid for students in time after your admission has been confirmed. Many new students apply for it at the same time, which may cause congestion in the processing.

    In addition, your home municipality or national foundations and organisations may support your studies through grants and scholarships, so do find out about them as well.

    Read more about financial aid for students and applying for it (

  • 2.  Student loan

    Student loan provides flexibility to your economy, allowing you to concentrate on the studies instead of working, finance the necessary purchases or, for example, build up a reserve fund.

    Student loan is a state-guaranteed loan with lower costs than other loans, and you will not need any separate collateral for it. You will not start repaying the interest or capital of the loan until after your graduation. If you complete your studies within the determined time, Kela can even pay part of your student loan for you.

    Start by applying for study grant, housing supplement and state guarantee for student loan with Kela. With the decision from Kela, you can apply for the student loan in eBanking.

    Student loan: Read about applying for the student loan

  • 4.  Finances in balance

    There are always two sides to economy: in addition to your income, make sure to keep your expenses in check. There are plenty of affordable services and benefits available to students – also in banking and insurance!

    There are many useful tools for planning and monitoring your finances, such as the budget calculator and income–expenses view, which follows you everywhere in the mobile application. You can order an alert message to your phone if the balance on the account falls below a specific amount, you can have your invoices handled directly as e-invoices and you can schedule important expenses to be debited on a specific day from your account. If you have problems with invoices, contact us right away so that we can sort out the issue.

    Danske Benefit Programme: Learn more about benefits for students
    Budget tool: Plan your budget with a handy table (XLS) (In Finnish).

  • 5.  Put something aside

    If at all economically possible, put part of your income aside so that you can prepare for unexpected expenses and seize surprising opportunities that you may face. The most important thing about saving is that you get started and continue with regular saving – over time, even a small amount will grow to a large sum. If you are thinking about having your own home, an ASP account is a good option for growing the nest egg.

    ASP account: Read more about the ASP account and start saving

  • 6.  Protection with insurance

    When you are starting your studies, it is advisable to check if you need any insurance coverage and if the coverage you already have is up-to-date. For example, home insurance covers the movable property at home against fire, leak or theft. Home insurance is also useful if your telephone breaks or if your bicycle is stolen. Travel insurance, on the other hand, provides security during your adventures.

    Make use of benefits from Fennia for Danske Bank customers:

Questions about student loan and repayment

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