Turning 18

Have you waited for the moment that you finally get your driver license or can buy drinks at a bar? This, however, is just the beginning. From now on, you can also decide more about your own finances. For example, you can apply for a credit card and you will have new features available in eBanking.

  • 1. My first bank identifiers

    The bank identifiers make life considerably easier. With them, you can pay invoices wherever and whenever, you can start using convenient mobile applications, mobile banking and MobilePay.

    Communicating with the bank is possible when it is the most convenient for you. You can send messages to customer service from eBanking. With bank identifiers, it is also easy to communicate with school and authorities, as you can authenticate yourself electronically in various services.

    Do book an appointment at the office for your first bank identifiers by calling our service number: 0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge) (local/mobile network charge). You will need with you a photo proof of identity issued by the police, such as a passport, personal identity card or driving license.

  • 2. Access rights

    It is good to know that the access rights of your parents are automatically revoked when you turn 18. You can add the access rights in eBanking using your bank identifiers, if you wish. On the welcome page, click the account to which you want to add the access rights. After this, click  "Terms and settings” > "Mandates". For instructions on anything you see on the screen, click the question mark.

  • 3. Plan your money use

    We recommend that you prepare a budget for yourself. When you know what you spend money on and where you get it from, it is easier for you to live the way you want and you have to worry less.

    It is good to pay invoices on time. You need to worry less about remembering things if, for example, you start using e-invoicing and have the invoices debited automatically on the due date.

    Handy tools are available to you that will help you with stretching the money. With mobile banking, you can monitor the balance of your account whenever you have your telephone with you. eBanking also contains an overview of your income and expenses where you immediately see, for example, your monthly food expenditures.

  • 4. Put some of your income aside

    It is always recommendable to put some of your income aside for future use. Does a euro a day sound like a lot? That makes €30 a month. Even small savings may grow to be a large amount over time, allowing you to fulfil your dreams and wishes.

    Are you thinking how nice it would be to finally buy a proper coffee machine or a new bicycle? Make it a goal, and start putting money aside. You will notice that saving is easier when you have a goal that you want to attain.

  • 5. Different types of loans and credits

    At the age of 18, you are entitled to apply for a loan if you can repay it. For example, you can apply for a credit card or consumer loan, or you can conclude an instalment agreement.

    A credit card, when used properly, is a good tool. However, it is also a way to get your economy out of balance very quickly. Remember that the money on the credit card is not your money: it is a loan that you have to pay back.

    Different loans have different terms and prices. To make it possible to compare loans, an annual percentage rate is stated for them. This tells you how much you really will have to pay for the money you borrow.

    If, for example, you borrow €1,000 with a repayment period of one year to buy a computer and the annual percentage rate of the loan is 20%, you will pay €200 a year for the loan. This means that, in reality, you will pay €1,200 for a €1,000 computer.

    The annual percentage rate may vary, depending on the loan type, from a few percent to hundreds of percent. Choose wisely.

  • 6. Take out an insurance policy

    Many good things come with life, but there is also room for unpleasant surprises and accidents. We recommend that you cover yourself with insurance against these unfortunate events.

    With home insurance, you can insure your home and movable property. With accident insurance, you cover yourself. If you are planning on going on a holiday, it is recommended to get travel insurance. With insurance coverage in order, you can enjoy the trip without worries.

  • 7. What if I run out of money?

    Contact your bank if you receive a large invoice that you cannot pay back or, for example, if your study grant is late and the account balance is zero. We are as interested in finding a solution to the problem as you are.

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