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Congratulations! Regular salary provides many possibilities for life and living. Before you start considering buying a new car, do find out how much money you have remaining after your compulsory expenses.

  • 2. Finances in balance

    There are always two sides to economy: in addition to your income, make sure to keep your expenses in check. If you are just starting with your first steady job after studies, you will notice that many convenient benefits are a thing of the past. The cost of living and your needs will easily grow with the increased income. So be cautious when you are adjusting your new life to your new income.

    There are many useful tools for planning and monitoring your finances, such as the budget calculator and income–expenses view, which follows you everywhere in the mobile application. Subscribe to an alert message for your phone if your account balance falls below a specific amount, and have your invoices delivered directly as e-invoices. Schedule the most important expenses to be debited on the desired day from your account. If you are struggling with invoices, contact us and we will be happy to help you. Together, we can sort it out.

    Danske Benefit Programme

    Read more about the Danske Benefit Programme and choose the daily service package that best suits you. If you are no longer a student but are still under 28, make use of the benefits of Danske Youth.

    Read more: Danske Youth

  • 3. Make sure you and your property are insured

    It is always advisable to have insurance. Now that you have a different situation in life, take a moment to make sure that your insurance coverage is up-to-date and make use of the benefits from Fennia for Danske Bank customers.

  • 4. Secure your unemployment benefits

    Few of us think about unemployment benefits right away when starting a new job, but do consider joining a trade union and unemployment fund. If you lose your job, you will cope better with daily life and looking for a new job with the earnings-related unemployment benefits. When you are working, you can accumulate the employment period required for the earnings-related unemployment benefit. Earnings-related unemployment benefit requires that you have worked and have also been a member of an unemployment fund for a total of 6 months (during 28 months) before you became unemployed. This means that you should start your membership even with a summer job or other fixed-term employments. As a member of a trade union, you will often gain benefits and advice useful for your life and career.

  • 5. Prepare for life now

    The most important thing about saving is to start. We recommend that you start regular saving at the latest when you start earning money. We also recommend that you always save at least 10 % of your income.

    If you do not yet have a backup fund, you should start collecting money into one as soon as possible. This way, small surprises will not immediately destroy your economy. On the other hand, you can also seize the opportunity when one presents itself.

    With a backup fund in order, we recommend that you continue regular saving so that you can fulfil even greater dreams in the future. The earlier you start regular saving, the greater your savings can grow over time. Saving is always more pleasant if you are thinking about a goal important to you. For example, if you are dreaming about a trip, it is advisable to have savings. This way, you can enjoy the trip to the fullest.

    And, if you are hoping to buy a home for yourself, you can start saving on an ASP account.

    ASP saving

    You can become an ASP saver until the age of 39.


    Read more: ASP account

  • 6. Be prepared to repay the student loan

    If you have a student loan, be prepared to amortise it after you graduate. The amortisation begins 18 months after the last capitalisation of interest on the loan. We will send you a notice of the repayment programme sufficiently in advance before the repayment commences.

    If you have completed your studies within the target time, Kela can compensate for part of the student loan. You will be informed about this after completing your studies.

    Student loan: read more

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