Comprehensive digital services for your business

A wide range of solutions designed for your business at your disposal. Use them to easily manage your daily banking, e-commerce or electronic invoicing and save time.


  • District – eBanking for businesses

    District – eBanking for businesses

    Optimise your workflow with our online solution. District is a powerful tool for handling payments and cash management at your business. The flexible service structure allows you to commission the services you need as the needs of your business grow.

    International businesses can also manage their accounts in real-time in countries where the Danske Group operates. In addition, our co-operation with international banks makes even complex banking topics easily accessible to you.

  • Mobile and Tablet bank

    Mobile and Tablet bank

    The banking applications for businesses keep you close to your business, wherever you are. Our mobile and tablet applications provide an instant overview of your business’s finances. All you need is a District contract and a transactions account.
  • Digital signing

    Digital signing

    Forget about sending agreements to us by mail. Sign them digitally using your bank identifiers. You can conclude agreements on accounts and eBanking for businesses, for example. It is also possible for more people to sign the agreements using our service. When an agreement is ready for signing, you will receive electronic mail at the agreed address. Confirm agreements using your personal bank identifiers (not business identifiers). Confirmation is possible with the identifiers of Finnish banks. You do not need to be our customer. 

    Open the service from the Log-on button on our website or from the District's Additional Services menu, under External Links. Identify yourself with your bank ID and you will see the agreements waiting to be signed by you.

  • Identification Service

    Identification Service

    In the Identification Service, we verify your customer’s identity for you in a reliable way. Conclude agreements, receive forms and create safe access to your online services using an identification service based on the Open ID Connect interface. Your customers will authenticate themselves with their own bank identifiers.

    Commissioning the Identification Service
    To start using the Identification Service, you need to have an Identification Service agreement with us. When the agreement has been concluded, we will send you the merchant identifiers.

    Identification service buttons
    Do not attach a button or a link to the button to an email message. Retrieve the logo from the address below. This way, you will not have to keep updating the identification or payment buttons whenever they change. Instead, they will be updated automatically on your site.

    Identification Service logo

    Technical descriptions
    API documentation in English

    Service specifications

    Identity Provider:
    Danske Bank’s Identity Provider API documentation
    Danske Bank’s Identity Provider SandBox API documentation
    Danske Bank’s Identity Provider SYST API documentation

    Identity Broker:

    Danske Bank’s Identity Broker API documentation 
    Danske Bank’s Identity Broker SandBox API documentation
    Danske Bank’s Broker SYST API documentation

  • E-invoice


    With our e-invoice service, you can send and receive e-invoices using your bank connection program and through District.


    • Make payment processing easier and faster by connecting the service as part of your financial administration system
    • Reduce manual labour and the possibility for error
    • Optimise liquidity monitoring
    • Automate accounting processes

    You can agree on starting to use online invoicing together with your suppliers and us.

    Contact our business services at 0100 2580, Mon–Fri 8–18 (local/mobile network charge) and conclude an agreement on relaying e-invoices.

  • Danske ID identification app

    Danske ID identification app

    Danske ID is an identification app that you can download to your mobile device. The app replaces plastic code cards.

    Download for Android

    Download for iPhone


    How to begin using the app

    1. Search for “Danske ID” and download the app from your app store

    2. Take out your code card and log in. You will need your old plastic code card the first time you log in.

    3. Create a PIN code for yourself that you will use the next time you log in.

    With the Danske ID app you can log in easily and safely to services requiring identification, as well as confirm transactions when using our eBanking and Mobile Bank services.


    Convenient app replaces plastic code cards
    Danske ID is downloaded to your mobile device, so it is convenient to store and travels with you wherever you go. For customers who do not use a smartphone or tablet, we offer a code calculator instead. Further information about code calculators is available by calling our Business Services on 0100 2580, Mon–Fri 8–18

    Bank identifiers are personal, so each employee who is authorised to use the company’s bank identifiers must have their own identification app or code calculator. Plastic code cards should be kept until 14 September 2019.

    Danske ID and multiple sets of bank identifiers
    At the moment, only one set of bank identifiers can be used per mobile device. You should activate the Danske ID app using the bank identifiers you use most frequently and use any other identifiers you have using the plastic code cards, as before.

    If you use more than one mobile device, you can activate one set of identifiers on your mobile phone and another set on your tablet, for example. Later this summer it will be possible to use multiple sets of bank identifiers on one and the same mobile device.

    Danske ID replaces your plastic code card when you…

    Log on to District
    Danske ID replaces your old plastic code card when you log on to eBanking for businesses and District.

    Confirm online purchases
    You no longer need to find your old plastic code card when you want to confirm online purchases.

    Access services requiring identification
    Danske ID replaces your old plastic code card when you access third-party services that require identification, such as the online services of the Finnish Tax Administration.

    Store your bank identifiers carefully
    Never allow others to use your bank identifiers. Always store your password separately, preferably in your head. Danske Bank never contacts customers by e-mail or phone to ask for your identification codes or details about your identification app. Our e-mail messages never include links to other online services.

    If you lose or forget your password, contact Danske Bank immediately to prevent unauthorised use of your bank identifiers. Your liability for the unauthorised use of your bank identifiers ceases as soon as Danske Bank has received notification that they have been lost or stolen.

    Do not throw away your code card immediately
    Code cards are being discontinued due to the revised Payment Services Directive that applies to all banks and that aims to make payments even safer and more secure.

    You should hold on to your plastic code card at least 14 September 2019. This is extremely important for situations in which the use of Danske ID is not possible – for example, when calling our Customer Service.

    Q & A

    How does the identification app work in practice?
    This is how the Danske ID identification app works:

    1. Type in your User ID and Password on the log-on page and click “Continue”.
    2. Select the Danske ID tab and send an identification request to your mobile device by clicking “Send”
    3. Open the Danske ID app on your mobile device, type in your own PIN code for the app and confirm by swiping “Confirm”

    Once you have confirmed, the eBanking homepage or service to which you logged on will open automatically. At the moment, you can use the Danske ID identification app to log on to the District online service for businesses or eBanking, as well as to pay for online purchases and access third-party services – such as the online services of the Finnish Tax Administration or Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

    Why are code cards being discontinued?
    Code cards are being discontinued due to the revised Payment Services Directive that applies to all banks and that aims to make payments even safer and more secure. The use of code cards will be discontinued as of 14 September 2019.

    What devices does the app work on?
    The app works on all smartphones and tablets with iOS (version 11.4 or later) or Android (version 5.0 or later) operating systems.

    What do I do if I do not use a smartphone or tablet?
    We are offering a code calculator, which works much like the identification app. Code calculators are intended for customers who do not have the possibility of using the Danske ID identification app.

    Why do I have to hold on to my plastic code card?
    Danske ID does not work for all services at the moment, so you will still need your plastic code card when calling our Customer Service, for example.

    If I switch smartphones, how can I get Danske ID on my new phone?
    Simply download the Danske ID app to your new phone and activate it using your bank identifiers. The first time you do so, you will need to use your code card, after which you can log on using your personal PIN code.

    Is it safe to use the identification app?
    Yes, using the app is safe. A PIN code, fingerprint or face recognition is required to open the app. When you use Danske ID, the app tells you which service you are logging on to. Danske ID sends the access codes to the Bank on a secure network, so each code is used one time only and for a specific event. It is also worth noting that other apps on your mobile device cannot access Danske ID data. We recommend that you always protect your mobile device also with a screen lock.

    What do I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?
    Call 0100 2580, Mon–Fri 8–18 and ask to have the identification app on your phone blocked.