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Low-effort and efficient payment transactions are important. With our solutions, you solve your business’s payment and invoicing challenges and boost the efficiency of the operations. We will also help you administer your cash in a smart way. Boost up your invoicing and reduce expenses by, for example, commissioning e-invoicing and by offering SEPA direct debiting for your customers.

  • Flexible payment and billing options
  • Boost the efficiency of payments by automating functions 
  • Strengthen your business’s liquidity
  • Payments in euros flexibly
  • Solutions for billing in Finland and abroad

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Our services

  • Wire transfers

    Even large numbers of invoices can be processed quickly, affordably and without effort. You can send the invoices to be paid directly from your accounts payable system, or you can send individual invoices from outside of the system.

    • Spend less time working and speed up the processing of payments
    • Lower service fees than with other means of payment
    • More efficient cash management means cost savings
    • You can send payments to the accounts of all banks in one go.

    Service features

    • The payments are created in the accounts payable system and sent to the bank with a bank connection program or using District, the online banking solution for businesses.
    • Same-day payments can be sent up to 15:00.
    • Invoices can be sent 365 days before the date of debit.
    • Urgent payment orders can be sent between 7:00 and 16:15.
    • Payments can also be sent as money orders based on the beneficiary’s name and address if you do not know the beneficiary’s bank account details.
    • An itemisation of paid invoices is shown on the account statement on the payment date.
  • Salaries

    Large volumes of payment transactions require fast, secure and straightforward solutions. You can handle your business’s payroll payments conveniently through District, the online banking solution for businesses, or by using a bank connection program.

    • Prepare the salary data according to your schedule in advance and send the material to the bank in larger batches, thus saving time
    • With the service, you ensure that the payments can be withdrawn by the beneficiaries on the agreed date
    • It is possible to send the material to Danske Bank 365 days before the date of debit
    • The payment is available to the beneficiary during the morning of the payment day regardless of the bank
    • The debiting is effected from the payer’s account on the day preceding the date of payment
    • Material delivery no later than on the date of debit by 18:30.
  • SEPA direct debit

    SEPA direct debit is a worry-free way of handling invoice payments in euro zone countries. You can make recurring payments or individual payments, provided that the biller provides the service. Before debiting, the biller will send your business an advance notice of the forthcoming payment.

    • Payment always automatically debited from your business account on the due date
    • No risk of late payments
    • Easy payment matching
    • The basic model of SEPA direct debit provides security with an 8-week right of refund
    • Each country uses harmonised rules and processes
    • SEPA direct debit utilises one common material format for direct debits both in Finland and in all countries of the euro payment zone

    Additional information
    The EPC (European Payment Council) website’s SEPA direct debit rulebook
    Danske Bank website:

  • Reference payment service

    It is recommended that you add a reference to a paper invoice. This way, you will know exactly who paid the invoice. The payments arrive on your account quickly and safely. With the reference payment service, you can also reduce your service fees for payment transactions, as a payment with a reference is significantly less expensive than one without a reference.

    • With the reference, you can uniquely identify incoming payments and easily match them with the correct invoice.
    • Automatically update your accounts.
    • More efficient monitoring of sales receivables.
    • Savings in service fees: payments with a reference are less expensive than payments without a reference.
    • Get payments with a reference on the account statement or retrieve them separately as a list of reference payments using your bank connection program.
    • The references are relayed on the account statement without any agreement or additional expenses.

    Export the references to your accounts receivable system to await payment, making it easy to update the accounts once the payment has arrived.

  • Web Payment Service

    Online commerce provides new opportunities for your business.
    Online commerce provides your business with a sales channel suitable for all commerce over the Internet regardless of the industry. Your clientele grows along with the sales area, from regional to national. Online commerce is also available outside of the normal opening hours.

    • We take care of identifying the customer for you, and you can be certain of who you are dealing with
    • When the customer purchases services and makes an online payment, you will receive the money on your business’s account immediately
    • It is easy to manage online payments because our online banking solution, District, allows you to perform a transaction query for online payments or refund an online payment completely or partially
    • Gain a growing number of customers with our bank identifiers as your potential customers

    Building a marketplace
    The service provider’s manual provides instructions for building the interface.

    Service Provider's handbook (PDF)

    Online payment buttons
    Do not attach an online payment button or a link to it to an electronic mail message. The online payment button must be contained in your business’s interaction service. When you retrieve the logo from the address below, you will not have to keep updating the identification or payment buttons whenever they change. Instead, they will be updated automatically on your site.

    Terms of contract, timetables and descriptions
    Read more about the terms of payments and wire transfers and timetables for material transmissions:

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