Financing for all purposes

Businesses have a variety of reasons for needing finance, such as covering daily financing needs, investments or expanding and developing their business. From our service portfolio you will find solutions to cover working capital needs as well as financing long term investments.


Let our expert help you choose the means of financing that best suits your needs. 
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Financing the working capital

A corporate credit card, an account with overdraft and factoring are suitable ways for many smaller businesses to ensure that cash flow fluctuations will not compromise liquidity. For larger or international businesses, we can find the best solution for any situation in mutual negotiations.

Investments and financing

Growing and expanding your business often require investments. We offer financing for your business’s needs, great and small, such as IT, production plant or corporate vehicle procurements. Usually, financing is arranged in one of these three ways:

  • Loan: A business loan is used for expenses incurred from buying new computers, furnishing the office and procuring cars, for example. Typically, the loan period is 3–10 years.
  • Instalment financing: Instalment financing enables your business to purchase machinery and equipment with the purchased item as the collateral. The typical loan period is 3–5 years.
  • Leasing: Leasing can be an attractive alternative to a business loan or other financing solutions, for example, for purchasing cars, IT expenses or acquiring real estate. It commits less capital and provides businesses with more flexibility than buying.

Starting a business

There are many options for financing the expenses of starting a business. The financing at the beginning can consist of personal savings, money from friends and family, financing from investors or public financing (for example, Finnvera and Business Finland).

Versatile solutions for large businesses

The financing needs of larger businesses are often more complex. Our financing experts will provide the best solutions, for example, for funding mergers, syndicated loans, corporate bonds and share issues.

Contact your local Finance Centre directly for more information.

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