Order and receive an audit letter digitally

By using our online channels, you can order and receive the documents you need quickly and without the need to handle paper documents.

Auditor Portal  

The Auditor Portal allows you to easily order an audit letter digitally. It’s a secure, simple and user-friendly solution. It provides you with a comprehensive snapshot of all audit letters on one screen. 

How to order via the Auditor Portal

  • Click below the point ”order via the Auditor Portal”
  • Fill in the information required and save the power of attorney

How to view the audit letters I have ordered

  • Click below the point “View audit letters” in the Auditor Portal”
  • Log in using your personal bank identifier
  • Audit letters are available for 3 months

Secure email

You can also use secure email to submit your order.

How to order audit letters using secure email

  • Click below the point “Order using secure email”
  • Fill in the information required and save the power of attorney
  • Remember to save your phone number and email address – (if this information is missing, you will be unable to receive audit letters)
  • The bank will send you a PIN by text message to allow you to open the encrypted email message.
  • Audit letters are available for 14 days

Order by secure email        Order via the Auditor Portal

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