Order an audit letter digitally for financial statements 

You can order and receive documents for financial statements electronically, which means you get them faster and simpler. You can receive an audit letter digitally in as soon as two bank days.

Order the audit letter in District

Log in to District and from the menu on the left, select Additional services > Order audit letter. You can also set the service to send the audit letter continuously for you on selected day - for example once a year. Please note that the customer must have the authority to access confidential information.

Order the audit letter in the Auditor Portal

Alternatively, you can authorise your auditor to order and collect the audit letter from the Auditor Portal. To authorise the auditor, you need a signed power of attorney from your company which the customer must then upload to the Auditor Portal in conjunction with the order.

Use secure email to order the audit letter

Order or authorise your auditor to order the audit letter using secure email on the Order an audit letter form.

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