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As an Akava student member you can access building blocks of financial peace of mind, or Fygge, at a lower cost than non-members

Although money or wealth does not automatically bring happiness, it does provide financial peace of mind and financial independence. That is why it is important that you know your own finances, anticipate the future and save and, if necessary, take advantage of state financial aid for students. Akava students aged 18-32 are eligible for the benefits.

Find out whether you are eligible for the benefits

Take advantage of you benefits

Danske Silver package without a monthly charge

As an Akava student, you can get a Danske Account, Mastercard Debit card and online bank identifiers included in the Danske Silver daily service package without a monthly charge.

You can easily track your own finances with the Income and spending tool in Mobile Bank.

Mastercard Gold combination card with an annual charge

As a student, you can apply for a Mastercard Gold Credit/Debit combination card without an annual charge.

A credit card is a necessary means of payment for travellers and in a financial emergency – use it carefully so that income and spending remain in balance.

Find out more about Mastercard Gold and apply for a card

The interest rate of Mastercard Gold credit is the three-month Euribor + 11 percentage points. The Annual Percentage Rate of the credit card is 20.1%, calculated for a credit of €2,000 (3 June 2024). The estimated total amount payable of credit and interest and fees is €2,202.33, calculated for a credit of €2,000 (3 June 2024). The estimated total amount of credit payable and the Annual Percentage Rate have been calculated with the assumption that the credit period is one year, the credit has been disbursed entirely, the interest rate of the credit is 14.8% and the annual fee is €38 remain unchanged throughout the credit term, and the credit is paid back in 12 equal payments one month apart. The agreement is valid until further notice. The interest rate changes every three months, according to the reference rate of the first business day in March, June, September and December. The credit is granted by Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch. Danske Bank checks the customer’s credit report with Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the Positive credit register when making the credit decision.

Student loan without origination fee and at a margin of 0%

You can get a new student loan without opening, increasing and withdrawal fees. Akava students benefit from a margin of 0% on the student loan. The benefit applies for 5 years from when the margin benefit agreement was signed and does not apply to loans transferred from other banks.

The loan can be disbursed to your account monthly as needed for example. Any loan not disbursed can serve as a buffer in the event of unexpected expenses.

Read more and apply for a student loan

The granting of a loan requires an approved credit decision. Danske Bank checks the customer’s credit report with Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the Positive credit register when making the credit decision.

Example calculation: If you take a loan of €8 000, the loan period is 15 years and the reference rate for the loan is the 12-month Euribor, the total interest rate of the loan would be 4.222 % (4.989% Annual Percentage Rate calculated according to the Consumer Protection Act). The total amount of the credit and other credit expenses is €11 337.08, including the origination fee, €30, an automatic account debiting charge, €2.5/payment, and the number of payments is 180. (Information as of the situation on 3 June 2024)

€30 benefit on a new Regular Saving agreement

When you open a Regular Saving agreement in Mobile Bank and make the first fund subscription, we will transfer €30 to your account in the following month.

Make saving a habit. Monthly saving in a fund is an easy way to start discovering investing and to diversify investments from just €10 a month, for example.

This is not a complete description of the funds or of the risks involved. Before making an investment decision, customers should consult the funds' key investor information documents and other fund materials.
Funds registered in Finland are managed by Danske Invest Fund Management Ltd. Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch acts as agent for Danske Invest Fund Management Company when offering mutual funds managed by the fund management company. Funds registered in Denmark and Luxembourg are managed by Danske Invest Management A/S. The funds managed by Danske Invest Management A/S are distributed by Danske Bank A/S as agent. Danske Bank A/S has appointed its Finland Branch to act as agent for the provision of mutual funds managed by management companies in Finland. Key fund information documents, other fund materials and additional information on funds are available at danskeinvest.fi.

First 5 equity trades without brokerage fees when you open an equity savings account

When you open new equity savings account, you can make your first 5 buy or sell transactions without brokerage fees. The fees for the first 5 trades will be returned to you once all 5 trades have been executed. The benefit is valid for 3 years from the date you have signed the agreement on the special terms and conditions for Akava students.

On top of this, you get a trading service and equity custody without a monthly charge.

The material is general information and is not a complete description of the investment or of the risks involved Before making an investment decision, customers must study the characteristics, risks and taxation of the investment.
Investing always involves financial risk. You may not get the return sought and may lose some or all of the capital invested. It should be remembered that historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Customers should base their investment decisions on their own assessment of the financial instrument and the risks involved, as they are responsible for the financial consequences of their investment decisions.
This material does not constitute an individual recommendation and the information provided is not related to the investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs of any individual customer. While every effort is made to provide information that is as accurate and correct as possible, the Bank does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of information obtained from external sources. The views expressed are those of the Bank at the time of preparation of this material and are subject to change without notice. The Bank shall not be held liable for any costs or losses arising from the use of the information contained in the material. The material contains intellectual property owned by the Bank to which the Bank reserves all rights.

Danske Harvest Account – rewarding and flexible account saving

We will pay you a competitive interest a rate, 3-month Euribor -0.9%, on deposits in your Harvest Account from the very first euro. You can make five withdrawals free of charge from the account each month.

Free pledge of rent security account

You will not be charged a service charge when you pledge your rent security account.

How to access the benefits

If you are not yet a Danske Bank customer

  1. Contact us to book a meeting and become our customer, or become our customer online (only in Finnish)
  2. Use your bank identifiers to log in to eBanking and go to Danske Benefit Programme > Danske Student to register as a student. Select Danske Silver daily service package.
  3. Send us a message via eBanking and tell us which Akava affiliate you belong to and that you want to access Akava student benefits.
  4. Open the services you require online. Please remember to also start using Mobile Bank and the Danske ID application.
  5. If you need help, call us on 0200 25880 Mon-Fri 9-16 (local/mobile network charge).

If you are already a Danske Bank customer

  1. If you have not registered as a student, do so in eBanking in Danske Benefit Programme > Danske Student. You can also update your service package at the same time.
  2. Send us a message via eBanking and tell us which Akava affiliate you belong to and that you want to access Akava student benefits.
  3. Open the services you require online.
  4. If you need help, call us on 0200 25880 Mon-Fri 9-16 (local/mobile network charge)

Find out whether you are eligible for the benefits

Akava Member unions, which have concluded the cooperation agreement: Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland – TEK, Akava Special Branches, Akava´s General Group, Association of Finnish Lawyers, Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists, Finnish Association of Architects, Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Finnish Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Finnish Association of Speech Therapists, Finnish Dental Association, Finnish Police Federation, Finnish Officers Union, Finnish Pharmacists´ Association, Finnish Psychological Association, Finnish Union of Church Youth Workers, Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers, Finnish Union of University Professors, Finnish Union of Public Health Nurses, Finnish Veterinary Association, Health Science Academic Leaders and Experts, Institute Officers Union of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Border Guard Sales and Marketing Professionals, Social Science Professionals, Suomen Ekonomit (Finnish Business School Graduates), Trade Union of Education in Finland, Union of Church Professionals AKI Union of Diaconal Workers in Finland, Union of Municipal Technical Professionals, KTK, Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland TRAL, Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, Union of Professional Social Workers, Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu, Union of Swedish-speaking Engineers in Finland and YTY – Association for Managers and Professionals

If you have any questions about the list, please contact your union directly.

Welcome to Danske Bank.

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