Loan application

Thinking about your own home, an investment property or a loan for something else?

Apply for a housing loan or another secured loan by completing the loan application conveniently on your own or together with your partner. It’s a good idea to complete the application even if you’re only at the planning stage since the application does not commit you to anything.

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This is how your application will proceed

  1. Complete the loan application. If there are two applicants, first fill in your own personal information and then the other applicant’s basic information. After this, the other applicant verifies their identity and completes the form. The application will automatically identify the other applicant.
  2. We will send you an immediate reply to your email or eBanking.
  3. We will phone you during the following few days to discuss in more detail the type of loan that would be right for your needs. Find out beforehand what we will discuss.
  4. Based on the discussion, we will make you a loan offer.

Have you been asked to send attachments for your loan application?

If we have in a separate message asked you to send us files, upload the attachments to the loan application here. Otherwise, wait for us to contact you.

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