The tools of your economy

Manage your banking needs whenever convenient for you.


eBanking is the easy way for you to handle your daily banking needs. The handy tools allow you to also monitor your economy, plan money use and make investments.

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Mobile Banking

Manage your banking easily and quickly using your smart phone or tablet when it is the most convenient for you. You can check the balance of your account, transfer money between your accounts or pay invoices – while you are on the go.

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Danske ID

With Danske ID, you always have your online banking codes with you in your mobile device.

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MobilePay provides the mobile payment solution for all needs. It makes it possible to transfer money between consumers, pay online, pay at stores, pay between applications and accept recurring payments.

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MunRahat application

The MunRahat application is an easy way for you to give money to your child. You will not need any cash, and your child will learn to use real money responsibly in a digital world.

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  • eBanking

    • Check the balance of your account, pay invoices, transfer money and pay electronic invoices. eBanking is the easy way for you to handle your banking needs
    • With the Income and Expenses view, you can plan your own use of money and can see exactly where you spend the money — for example food and living
    • Make investments easily and follow market trends In addition, you can conveniently monitor the development of your savings, investments and commissions and analyse your investment portfolio in versatile ways
    • Sign a home loan, for example, conveniently in eBanking
    • Manage the security of your cards via eBanking – if necessary, you can also order a new card or PIN code
    • You can apply for a new loan via eBanking or review the payment programme or make adjustments to your loans – for example, you can apply for an amortisation-free period
    • Send and receive messages securely via eBanking
    • eBanking makes it easy for you to start saving: open a saving account suitable for you or conclude an ongoing fund saving agreement

    eBanking customer support is happy to help you with all questions related to eBanking on 0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge) (local/mobile network charge).

  • Mobile Bank

    An application (in Finnish and English) for Android amd iOS smartphones

    • Instead of a PIN code, you can also log in with fingerprint identification
    • Check the balance of your account, transfer money between your accounts or pay invoices — while you are on the go 
    • Check the balance of your accounts on other banks. (S-Pankki, OP, Nordea, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbank and Aktia)
    • Pay paper invoices conveniently by scanning the barcode with the phone camera
    • If your card gets lost, you can block it using the mobile application. If you find the lost card, you can also unblock it
    • Trade with funds and investments, monitor the value development of the portfolio or view stock rates — whenever it is suitable for you
    • View the payslip itemisation on your phone if your employer uses the online salary service
    • Browse through agreements that you have signed using our web services

    Download the mobile application

    You can use the mobile application even if you're not yet our customer.

  • MunRahat application

    iOS and Android application for children aged 8–14 (in Finnish)

    • Transfer money to your child’s MunRahat application using Danske Bank’s eBanking or the new mobile application. You decide how much the child will be allowed to spend per day, week or month
    • The child will download the MunRahat application, in which they will see how much money has been transferred to it. The child can also transfer money from the card account to savings and vice a versa, if the parent has enabled this in their eBanking
    • The child uses the money using the payment card associated with the card account. The card, secured with a PIN code, can be used in ATMs and stores. The card can also be used abroad and online, if the parent has permitted this
    • With the new mobile application, you will continuously see how much money the child is spending. You can order an optional message alert to the mobile application once your child has spent a certain amount of money

    Download the MunRahat application
    App Store
    Google Play

    Using the MunRahat application requires that you (both custodial parents) and your child are customers of Danske Bank. It is easy to become a customer.

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