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Target Loan

A loan that you can use for fulfilling your greater dreams and financing them.


One-Time Loan

Traditional one-time loan that you can use for larger financing needs.


Consumer Loan

Consumer Loan is standing credit for financing plans and surprising day-to-day expenses.

Student loan

As part of the financial aid for students.
Student loan

ASP loan

The key to your first home.
ASP loan

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  • Target Loan

    Target Loan is suitable for you if you cannot provide collateral for the loan or you do not want to pledge property, such as your own home, or if you are dreaming of a holiday, renovation or something else that is important to you. Depending on your repayment ability, you can apply for a loan up to €15,000 (for two debtors, €30,000).


    The interest rate of the loan consists of the reference rate added with 7–10 percentage points. The reference rate for Target Loan is the 12-month Euribor.

    Credit interest information

    Loan term and repayment

    The maximum loan term is 5 years, and the repayment method is equal payment.


    You do not need collateral for Target Loan

    Terms and prices

  • One-Time Loan

    • Loan with collateral
    • Repayment plan according to your wishes
    • Loan amount over 10,000 euros.

    One-Time Loan is a traditional instrument-of-debt loan that you can use for larger financing needs. One-Time Loan is suitable for you if you already have property you can pledge, such as your own home, and you wish to finance a larger project.


    The interest rate of the loan consists of the reference rate and a margin specific to the loan. For One-Time Loans, the reference rate is 12-month Euribor. You can also agree on a One-Time Loan with fixed interest rate.

    Example calculation

    Loan term and repayment

    We will adapt the term of the loan and the repayment to your needs. You can pay back the One-Time Loan either with equal instalments, equal payments or fixed equal payments.

    Loan amount

    Starting from €10,000, according to your repayment capability and the collateral provided.

    Prices and terms

    During the loan negotiations, we will review the prices and terms of the loan. Changes to the loan will be charged according to the service pricelist valid at that time. You need collateral for the One-Time Loan. Suitable collateral is, for example, a dwelling or a deposit on an account.

  • Consumer Loan

    • The limit is €2,000–€10,000*
    • Possibility for two annually recurring instalment-free months
    • You will repay the credit once a month at the rate you want, and it is available to you again

    After you have a Consumer Loan agreement with us, it will be continuously available to you. You can transfer money to your account, pay invoices and distribute larger expenses across several months. With Consumer Loan, you can always maintain a payment reserve for surprising and recurring great expenses, such as car repair. If necessary, you can apply for an increase to your Consumer Loan through eBanking.

    The interest rate of Consumer Loan is linked to the 3-month Euribor 365 reference rate. A margin of 9 percentage points will be added to it. 

    Annual Percentage Rate

    You can make repayments with an amount that you choose. At your option, you can also repay the loan faster or pay it off at any time. You can do this through eBanking with a regular transfer between your own accounts.

    Terms and prices

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