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Union member! Take advantage of your benefits and save. As a member or student member of an Akava affiliate, you have access to significant benefits. Danske Bank’s housing loan adapts to your individual life phase, and we help you start saving and investing in a way that’s perfect for you. We will take care of everything if you decide to switch your banking to us — you do not need to worry about anything.

Online meetings with our specialists, electronic signature and our constantly developing mobile services guarantee that you can take care of your banking from anywhere — even your couch. At Danske Bank, you can take care of your banking in the way that suits you best.

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Housing loan benefits


As a member of an Akava affiliate, you will always get a better deal on your housing loan. Apply for a new loan or ask for an offer on your current loan — we take care of transferring your banking to us. The benefits also apply to your current loan at Danske Bank.

  • Lower margin
  • No delivery or credit fees
  • Instalment-free periods for no extra fees
  • Staggered payment plan
  • More affordable daily services

Contact us and find out more about the housing loan benefits:
0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge)

  • Our housing loans are always more affordable

    You will always receive an automatic discount on the housing loan margin.
    As a union member, you will get a loan for less than customers with no union membership.*
  • Housing loan with no fees — save at least EUR 300

    You will not be charged delivery or handling fees on your housing loan. These usually amount to 0.60% of the loan capital, and always at least EUR 300.
  • Daily banking services with a discount up to 50 %

    A 25–50 % discount on the daily service package monthly fee for as long as you are paying off your housing loan.** Your daily service package includes, for example, two bank accounts and online banking IDs. The discount also applies to MC Platinum and Gold credit cards.
  • Instalment-free periods without fees — save EUR 180 every time

    You can apply for instalment-free periods of 4–12 months for no delivery fee.*** You will save at least EUR 180 for the granted instalment period. You can use the instalment-free periods however you want, exactly when your financial situation needs a bit of flexibility; for example, to spend time with your family, strengthen your competence by studying or to save up for something important.
  • Payment plan with instalment levels that suit your life

    You choose how you want to start repaying your loan. This way, you have more money, for example, to decorate your apartment, for a new life phase or for a future nest egg. You can set fixed staggered instalment levels for the first five years of your loan.

    An example of how you can utilise the instalment levels

    1. Instalments in the first two years EUR 500/month
    2. Instalments in the third year EUR 750/month
    3. Remaining instalments EUR 1,000/month

    Instalments can be made by using 2–3 different instalment levels. The instalment method must be a fixed annuity. The bank must make a positive decision for you to qualify for the loan.

Investment benefits for Akava’s members

Investing is a right that belongs to everyone, and there’s an easy way to invest for every person. As a member of the union, you have access to investment benefits regardless of your bank. You can select the exact services that suit your needs — whether you identify as a self-directed investor, are looking for an effortless ready-made solution or want more personal guidance. You can start investing with just EUR 10 a month.

Money or wealth does not guarantee happiness, but it will often provide financial confidence and independence by letting you focus on what’s important to you — studies, travel, your family or preparing for a multifaceted working life. That’s why it’s smart to start investing. Start today.

Find out more about the benefits and become our customer:
0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge)

Investing is easy and affordable for members of Akava’s affiliates. 
Select an investment method that suits your life style:

Self-directed investor

Danske Trade Online service is perfect for self-directed investors. You have access to diverse digital services as well as comprehensive global investment alternatives with competitive brokerage fees.

Examples of your benefits:

  • Free custody (domestic + international). The benefit also applies to an equity savings account.
  • Online banking IDs and an investment account EUR 0/month
  • Brokerage fees start automatically at price level 2 (0,12 %, min. EUR 5). The benefit also applies to an equity savings account.. 
  • Additional investment services (for all service packages)
  • Free Real-time service
  • 3 months of our Analysis service for free; later -50 % of the monthly fee

Personal guidance

Danske Advice is suited for a person who might already have accumulated wealth and wants to discuss suitable investment advice and asset management services. Make an appointment to utilise our specialists’ assistance and advice for investing.

Examples of your benefits:

  • Asset management fee -15%
  • Advice service fee -15%
  • Free custody (domestic + international)
  • Commission fees start automatically at price level 2 (0.12%, min. EUR 5)
  • Online banking IDs and an investment account EUR 0/month

Additional benefits for recent graduates in Akava’s affiliates

Danske Bank 2

As a recent graduate, you can get annual benefits worth up to EUR 700****

  • Most extensive daily banking services for free
  • Access to over 1,000 airport lounges and comprehensive travel insurance
  • Tools for saving and investing
  • No opening fee on your loan — save at least EUR 300

Contact us and find out more about the housing loan benefits:
0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge)

Most extensive service package for no monthly fee
— save more than EUR 200 per year.

You will immediately have access to the highest level in the Danske Benefit Programme. You can take advantage of the benefits and discounts without a monthly fee for at least five years. You will get a MasterCard Platinum credit card as well as our most extensive services to take care of your banking and investments.

When pricing the loan, the minimum margins are taken into account. Your loan offer shows both the price for members and non-members. This benefit does not apply to loans for investment properties.

** The daily benefit does not apply to Danske Youth or Danske Study benefit programmes.

*** Instalment-free periods require a favourable credit decision.

**** Danske Bank offers this benefit and service package for a period of five years to union members who have completed their studies up to two years prior to the activation of the benefits. Eligibility for Mastercard Platinum and Priority Pass™ cards require a favourable credit decision. The value depends on the activated benefits.

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