Our extensive range of cards is sure to contain one that meets just your requirements. You can optionally have a shared PIN code for all of your cards.

Mastercard Platinum

  • A combination card with contactless payment

  • Travel insurance and Purchase and Cash Withdrawal Protection

  • Set the credit limit you want for the card

  • 0.5% payment method bonus for purchases using the credit feature

  • Interest-free term of payment 43 days for purchases in average

Terms and prices
Travel insurance
Credit interest
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Information about Mastercards

  • Credit/Debit combination cards

    You can choose whether to charge your purchases from the credit balance (credit) or your account (debit). You can also use both payment methods in MobilePay.

  • Contactless payments

    Any purchases under €50 you can pay easily and quickly without typing the PIN code. You can also use the card normally, authorising the payments with your PIN. If you use your credit/debit card for contactless purchases, the debit feature is always used.

    Place your card near the payment terminal that authorises the payment. You do not need to insert the card into the terminal or type your PIN.

    To make any card purchase over €50, insert the card into the terminal and type the PIN.

    Payment terminals and cards intended for contactless payments are identified with a contactless payment logo depicting radio waves.

  • Cash withdrawals

    Withdraw cash from ATMs in Finland and abroad. You can also withdraw cash from TalletusOtto machines. You can also withdraw cash from K food stores, Tokmanni and R-Kioski newsagents’ if you pay for your purchase using the debit feature.

  • Geographical restriction

    With geographical restriction, you decide where your card can be used and can also strengthen its security. You can enable or restrict the use of your card in Finland, in different regions (Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Africa) and online stores. You can easily make the changes yourself in eBanking, or by using the mobile application (iPhone and Android). You can enable a region for a limited time or until further notice. If your card is renewed or you order a card to replace a lost, stolen or broken one, the restrictions are automatically transferred to your new card. Activating the regional restriction does not have any effect on MobilePay.

  • One PIN code

    If you want, you can have the same PIN code in all of your cards. It makes it easier to use the different cards even if you only use your secondary card occasionally.

  • Help around the clock 

    If your card is lost or stolen, notify us immediately. You can also report a lost card using the mobile application. At your service 24/7.

    Customer service

    • 0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge) (local/mobile network charge).
    • Danske Bank eBanking
    • Danske Bank branches

    Notification of lost cards and blocking service 24h

    • In Finland: 0200 2585 (local/mobile network charge), from abroad: +358 200 2585.
    • If your card is stolen, remember to file a report with the police and deliver a copy of the report to the bank.

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