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A suitable housing loan provides financial flexibility and lets you save while repaying the loan. Various interest solutions and flexibility features ensure you keep your financial peace of mind even when your situation changes. Apply for a housing loan or tender your existing loan – ask us for a loan offer.

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This is how your application will proceed

  1. Complete the loan application. If there are two applicants, first fill in your own personal information and then the other applicant’s basic information. After this, the other applicant verifies their identity and completes the form. The application will automatically identify the other applicant.
  2. We will send you an immediate reply to your email or eBanking.
  3. We will phone you during the following few days to discuss in more detail the type of loan that would be right for your needs. Find out beforehand what we will discuss.
  4. Based on the discussion, we will make you a loan offer.

Benefits of higher education

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Danske Bank offers members of Akava affiliates significant housing loan benefits:

  • A lower margin than non-union members
  • No delivery or origination fees
  • Apply for flexibility in everyday life with instalment-free periods of 4 to 12 months with no delivery fees*
  • More affordable daily banking services

*Requires a positive credit decision.

What kind of housing loan would be right for you?

Various flexibility and protection features mean you can get a housing loan that’s just right for your own situation. A housing loan of the right amount allows you to accumulate wealth by saving while repaying your housing loan.

Interest protection

The bigger the loan the greater the impact of a rise in the interest rate can have on your personal finances. However, you can prepare for rises in market interest rates by ensuring that housing expenditure remains in check even when interest rates rise. A fixed interest rate or an interest collar can be used to protect your loan.

With a fixed-rate housing loan, the interest rate remains the same for the agreed period irrespective of fluctuations in market interest rates. The interest on a fixed-interest loan is the same throughout the agreed hedging period even though the reference rate fluctuates.

An interest rate collar means that the housing loan interest rate is set so that the reference rate has a minimum and maximum cap. An interest rate collar ensures that the reference rate on the loan does not rise above the specified maximum level during the agreed period even though market interest rates rise. An interest collar can be taken for seven or ten years at a time.

Instalment-free period

You can apply for an instalment-free period for your housing loan when you need temporary help to manage everyday expenses.

During an instalment-free period the loan is not reduced and you pay just the interest and charges on your loan. An instalment-free period is temporary and its length is always agreed beforehand. The unpaid instalments are transferred for future payment. Depending on the situation, the loan term can be extended by the length of the instalment-free period or left unchanged. It is worth pointing out that if the loan-term is not extended, the monthly repayment will increase after the instalment-free period.

An instalment-free period requires an approved credit decision.

Apply for an instalment-free period

Loan Insurance

Loan Insurance safeguards loan repayment if a death or a serious accidental injury changes your family’s everyday life. When you’ve prepared financially for unexpected situations, you can focus your money on more important things in the midst of a crisis.

The insurance is issued by Mandatum Life Insurance Company Ltd (Mandatum), which is responsible for the insurance. Danske Bank acts as Mandatum’s agent. The Financial Supervisory Authority oversees insurance intermediaries.

More details about housing loan features

Danske Bank housing loans are available in three different packages: Housing Loan Basic, Housing Loan Steady and Housing Loan Steady Plus. These packages mean that we can offer the right housing loan for you.

Housing Loan Basic is all you need if you don’t want interest rate protection or free-of-charge instalment-free periods and loan changes.

Housing Loan Steady and Steady Plus are right for you if you want interest rate protection for your loan as well as free-of-charge instalment free months and loan changes.

Housing Loan Steady includes 12 and Housing Loan Steady Plus 24 instalment-free months free of charge. Housing Loan Steady also includes 2 and Steady Plus 4 loan changes free of charge. On top of this, Housing Loan Steady and Steady Plus customers receive price benefits on other loans.

Housing loan collateral

You need collateral for your housing loan. With housing loans, the home you buy or are building is usually the collateral, which in practice means a housing company share certificate or mortgage deeds issued for a property.

Depending on the housing, you can get a loan of around 70% of the housing value. If for example, you buy a home worth €100,000, this is enough for collateral of €70,000 for the loan to buy the home. You can finance the remaining €30,000 through savings or possibly additional collateral. Other property or a Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd's loan guarantee purchased through the bank can be used as additional collateral.

Purchase of a Loan Guarantee

Danske Bank’s Loan Guarantee is implemented together with Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd. You can ask about the possibility of a Loan Guarantee in your own case once you have first completed the loan application and arranged a meeting with our expert.

The maximum amount of the Loan Guarantee depends among other things on the purchase price and location of the property to be bought.

Prices and terms

Join the Benefit Programme to receive better service fees for loans.

This is not an offer from the bank. Loan terms and conditions are agreed personally. Eligibility for a loan requires a positive credit decision. Danske Bank checks the customer’s credit report with Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the Positive credit register when making the credit decision.

Example housing loan: If the customer takes a housing loan of €170 000 where the loan term is 25 years and the reference rate for the loan is the 12-month Euribor, the total interest rate of the loan would be 4.472% (4.654% Average Percentage Rate calculated according to the Consumer Protection Act). The total amount of the credit and other credit expenses is €286,394.69, including the origination fee of €1,020 and an automatic account debiting charge of €2.70/payment. The number of payments is 300. The example has been calculated based on interest information valid on 3 June 2024.

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