Danske Bank will provide you with accounts for all needs. A Danske Account is a current account that you get as part of the daily service package. The daily service packages are available to anyone who has joined the Danske Benefit Programme.

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Danske Account 

Danske Account

The Danske Account is suitable for handling your day-to-day finances

Danske Golden Piglet Account 

Danske Golden Piglet Account

The child’s first own account to learn saving

ASP account

ASP account

As an ASP saver, you can buy your first home.
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  • Danske Account

    • Danske Account is the current account for daily use
    • You can manage all your day-to-day finances with it
    • The account is available to you immediately after opening it

    With the mobile application, you can conveniently monitor the transactions and balance of the account and pay invoices using a barcode reader. The Danske Account is available to you free of charge if you have a daily service package through the Danske Benefit Programme. No interest is paid on Danske Account.

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    Prices and terms

    The Danske Platinum Plus package includes unlimited amount of accounts free of charge, Gold package includes two accounts free of charge, while the Danske Silver package includes one account free of charge. The monthly fee for extra accounts is €2. The price of the daily service package is determined according to the selected service package and your benefit level.

  • Danske Golden Piglet Account

    • Save and accumulate a nest egg for the child
    • Parents and close ones can make donations to the account
    • Regular saving is rewarded with an interest bonus

    Your child can use the account themselves and you can together learn how to use money and follow how the savings accumulate via eBanking. In addition to the basic interest rate of 0%, an interest bonus of 1,5 % is paid if the regular monthly savings are at least €30.

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