Danske Advice

Market conditions change, new threats and new investment opportunities arise increasingly faster. 
In a changing world, investments need constant attention. Through the Danske Advice, our experts help you to choose the right 
investment alternatives for you to reach your goals.


Please call our investment advisors on 0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge)

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Who could the service be suitable for?

Investments of more than €200,000 and you value a service taking into account your individual needs.

Investments of more than €30,000 and you want to discuss your investments also with a bank expert.

When you want a cost-effective, fully digital investment service also with small amounts.

Service channels
Personal and online Personal and online Online
Named expert
Team of experts
Digital advice
 Alert service of change in risk level    
 Order suggestions  
  Investments in Danske Advice
Index and ETF-funds      
Nominal capital secured investment bonds       
 Tax information and reporting
Capitalised profits and losses      
 Non-capitalised profits and losses      
 Up-to-date online snapshot    
Dansk Advice price, incl. VAT 24%
Advice fee 0,56 - 0,99 % p.a., minimum fee €200/month 0,81 - 0,99 % p.a., minimum fee €20.60/month 0.43 – 0.62% p.a., no minimum fee
Service management fee €2/month €2/month  €2/month
 Fund trading fees Incl. in advice fee Incl. in advice fee  Incl. in advice fee
Equities trading fee based on trading volume  0.08 – 0.12%, minimum €2 - €5/trade  0.08 – 0.12%, minimum €2 - €5/trade     0.08 – 0.12%, minimum €2 - €5/trade 
Additional investor services Included in Analysis service
(value €8.95/month)  
Available at extra cost
(from €1.95/month)
Available at extra cost
(from €1.95/month)

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