Danske Delegate

Danske Delegate is right for you if you want to make an investment plan together with us and want a fund 
whose assets are managed by a professional portfolio manager. 

You can decide yourself the amount you want to start investing either monthly or as a one time investment.

Danske Delegate - Advanced / Classic

Danske Delegate Advanced or Danske Delegate Classic is suitable for you if you have built up some wealth and you want to:

  • Meet with an expert and draw up an investment plan with them
  • An investment solution where the assets are managed by a professional portfolio manager
  • An extensive range of investment solutions (ETFs, funds, direct equities)
  • Benefit from additional investor services


Please call our Investment Advisory Centre on +358 200 2000 (local network/mobile call charge) Mon–Fri 8–18.30.

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Who could the service be suitable for?

Investments of more than €200,000 and you value a service taking into account your individual needs.

Investments of more than €30,000 and you want to discuss your investments also with a bank expert.

Service channels
Personal and online Personal and online
Named expert
Team of experts
Investments in Danske Delegate
 Index and ETF-funds  
 Tax information and reporting
Capitalised profits and losses    
 Non-capitalised profits and losses    
Up-to-date online snapshot  
Danske Delegate price, incl. VAT 24%
Asset management fee*, incl. VAT 24% 0.81 – 1.24% p.a., minimum fee €200/month
1.05 – 1.24% p.a., minimum fee €20.60/month
 Additional investor services Included in Analysis service
(value €8.95/month)
Available at extra cost
(from €1.95/month)

*The asset management fee includes the securities trading fee, funds trading fee and asset management fee administration cost.

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