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As an ASP saver, you can buy your first home.

  • Your will receive good, tax-free deposit interest on the savings
  • You can apply for an affordable ASP loan for your first home and state interest subsidy for the loan
  • You will receive state guarantee for the loan

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About the account

  • What is ASP?

    ASP (abbreviation for the Finnish word for bonus system for home savers) is a Finnish system intended for making it easier for young people to buy their first home. You can join between the ages of 15 and 44 by concluding an ASP saving agreement. As an ASP saver, you accumulate money for your first home and, if the terms of the ASP agreement are met and you buy the home, you will get good interest on your savings and state guarantee for your home loan.

  • Opening an ASP account

    Start saving by opening an ASP account and concluding an ASP saving agreement. 

    You can open the ASP account and conclude the saving agreement by calling us on 0200 2590 Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge) and selecting “Loans.” Have your bank identifiers handy so that we can identify you during the call. After the call, we will send you the necessary documents to eBanking for your signature. 

    To open an ASP account for a minor or a couple, visit the branch.

  • Making a deposit

    You must make a deposit during at least eight calendar quarters. The minimum amount of each quarterly deposit is €150 and the maximum is €4,500. The deposits can be made in several instalments during the quarter. You can skip a quarter but the minimum number of quarters according to the savings objective must be met later.

  • Bonus interest

    If the terms of the ASP saving agreement are met, Danske Bank will support the ASP saver by paying 4% added interest on the savings in connection with the purchase of the home in addition to the regular interest of 1%.

  • Collateral

    Usually, the home you are about to buy together with the state guarantee for home credit are sufficient collateral.

  • ASP loan

    If you have saved for your first home with an ASP saving agreement, you can apply for an ASP home loan with subsidised interest.

    Read more: ASP loan

  • Danske Benefit Programme

    Danske Bank offers benefits to youths aged 18–27 and students aged 18–32.

    Read more about the Danske Benefit Programme and the following benefits: Benefit Programme

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