Welcome to Danske Bank – register as a customer.

You can register as our customer online by choosing “Start.” For registration, you will need bank identifiers from a Finnish bank. You must be of full legal capacity, a citizen of Finland and have your credit record in order. In addition, you are a permanent resident of Finland and liable to taxation only in Finland. In other cases, we ask that you book an appointment at our branch for registering as a customer.

Before you start the registration

  • Please have your bank identifiers and passport or personal identity card issued by the police handy. Do note that a driving license is not a valid proof of identity.
  • You will also need a mobile telephone and a Finnish mobile telephone number for a confirmation message.
  • Registration will only take a moment, after which the Danske Bank services will be available to you.

Stages of registration

  • Start by authenticating yourself with your bank identifiers and enter the requested information from your proof of identity.
  • To communicate with you, we will ask you for your e-mail address and telephone number.
  • In order to provide you with good service from the very beginning, we will ask you what services you are interested in.
  • The bank is obliged to know its customers, so we will also ask about your assessment of how you will use services at Danske Bank.
  • Finally, you will sign an agreement on bank identifiers and the electronic archive. 

Welcome as a customer of Danske Bank!

Start using banking services after registration

  • Until you receive Danske Bank’s bank identifiers, you can log into Danske Bank’s eBanking using your current bank identifiers.
  • We will call you in a few days to make sure that everything is okay and to find the cards and other daily services best suited to your situation. We will also tell you how to apply for a loan and start using the investment services and where to look for support when you have questions.
  • As a Danske Bank customer, you can sign service agreements conveniently in eBanking.




Welcome to Danske Bank.