Close your account and transfer funds

On this page you close your personal account at Danske Bank and transfer your money to another bank's bank account.
Fill out all required information and upload a copy of your valid ID.
Please note that you must also include the reverse side of an ID card or a driving licence.

If you have more services in use in addition to your personal account and you wish to end all your services, please contact our customer service at 010 546 3095 Mon-Fri 9-16 (lnc/mpc).

 Confirm that you want to close the customership and authorize the bank to close your account

Upload a copy of your valid ID:

Accepted file formats are Word / docx / doc, Excel / xlsx / xls, pdf, text / txt, jpeg / jpg, png or gif. Please note that the maximum file size is 4 MB.

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By clicking on send, you agree that Danske Bank can receive and handle the data you provided.