Bank identifiers and logging in

You use bank identifiers to log in to the bank’s online services such as Mobile Bank, eBanking and when using our customer service telephone service. You also use your identifiers when paying for online purchases and to authorise credit card payments.

You can also use bank identifiers to log in to and deal with matters electronically on the websites of various authorities and service providers such as Kela, the Finnish Tax Administration and MyKanta. Bank identifiers enable you to verify your identity and transact business securely online.

Bank identifiers constitute your electronic ID and using them corresponds to your signature. Your own bank identifiers are intended for your use only and must never be disclosed to third parties. Bank identifiers consist of a user ID, password and alternative means of authentication, which are the Danske ID app and code calculator.

You get bank identifiers when you become our customer

Become a customer

Always keep your banking credentials in a safe place

Your banking credentials are personal. Never give them to anyone else. Keep your banking credentials separately. It is best to learn them by heart. Danske Bank will never contact you via email or by phone to ask for your access code or your identification app details. Our email messages never contain links to any online service.

If you lose your password, contact the bank immediately to prevent unauthorised use of your banking credentials. Your liability for the misuse of your banking credentials ends when the bank has been informed of them having been lost or stolen.

Danske ID

Danske ID is an identification app that you can download to your mobile phone. You can use Danske ID to log in to your eBanking and Mobile Bank and to identify yourself for other services and to authorise online purchases.

How to start using the app

  1. Download the app from your app store by using the links on this page, or by search words “Danske ID”
  2. Use the activation code received as an SMS, your code calculator or the Danske ID app on your other phone activate the app.
  3. Create a PIN code for yourself for future log-ins.

Download Danske ID

Questions and answers regarding Danske ID

eSafeID code calculator

The eSafeID code calculator is primarily intended for persons who do not have a mobile device suitable for using the Danske ID app.

How can I get a code calculator?

You can order a code calculator for yourself by contacting our customer service.

If you need a new code calculator to replace a broken or lost one, please contact our customer service. You can also use the Danske ID app alongside the code calculator.

We provide a talking code calculator for our visually impaired customers who are unable to use a code calculator or the Danske ID app.

Before using it for the first time, the code calculator must be activated at

Welcome to Danske Bank.

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