Danske ID identification application

Danske ID is an identification application downloaded in the mobile device. It will replace the plastic security card on logging into online services.



Download Danske ID 

This is how to start using the application: 

1. Download the application from your app store by using the search words “Danske ID”
2. Take your security card and log in. You will need your existing plastic security card when logging in for the first time.
3. Create a PIN code for yourself for future log-ins.

Do not dispose of your security card

We are continuously working to make more service channels accessible with the application. However, all our services cannot yet be used using the identification application, which is why you may also have to use the plastic security card. 

Please keep your plastic security card at least to 14 September 2019. This is very important in the cases where Danske ID cannot be used – for example when you call our telephone service. We recommend downloading the identification application to your primary device. In the future, you will also be able to use Danske ID conveniently with fingerprint or face identification.



Always keep your banking credentials in a safe place

Your banking credentials are personal. Never give them to anyone else. Keep your banking credentials separately. It is best to learn them by heart. Danske Bank will never contact you via email or on the phone to ask for your access code or your identification application details. Our email messages never contain links to any online service.

If you lose your password, contact the bank immediately to prevent unauthorised use of your banking credentials. Your liability for the misuse of your banking credentials ends when the bank has been informed of them having been lost or stolen.

Questions and Answers

  • Why aresecurity cards being discontinued?
    The security cards are being discontinued due to the requirements of the new Payment Services Directive, which applies to all banks.
  • Which devices can be application be used with?
    The application works in all smartphones and tablets with an iOS (version 11.4 or newer) or Android OS (version 5.0 or newer).
  • How does the identification application work in practice?

    Danske ID identification application works like this:

    1. Log into eBanking by writing your user ID and your password
    2. Choose the Danske ID tab and send a login request to your mobile device
    3. Open Danske ID application on your mobile device and enter your PIN code
    4. Swipe to approve your login

    The identification application sends identification numbers to the bank via a secured network, and each number is used only once and for one transaction. You should also note that other applications in your mobile device cannot access the Danske ID data.

  • Whatshould I do if I do not own a smartphone or tablet?
    We have launched a code calculator device that allows you to keep using our online services. The device is intended for those customers who cannot use Danske ID identification application. You can order the code calculator by calling to our Customer Service 0200 2590 Mon–Fri 9–16 (local network charge/mobile call charge)
  • Why must I keep the plastic security card?
    Danske ID will not work in all services right away. That is why you will need the security card for a while, for example, when calling our telephone service. 
  •  In am about to change my smart phone. How can I get Danske ID for my new phone?
    You can activate Danske ID to your new mobile device with the Danske ID in your old mobile device. Download Danske ID from the app store to your new phone and activate it using your banking credentials. You can also use security card for the activation.
  • Is it safe to use the Danske ID application?
    The application and its use are both safe. However, we do recommend that you protect your mobile device by locking the screen.
  • What must I do if I lose my phone or it is stolen?
    Contact us at 0200 2585 (local call charge/mobile call charge) Mon-Fri 8 am – 8 pm (personal customers) or 0100 2580 (local call charge/mobile call charge) Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm (business customers) and ask for the identification application downloaded to your phone to be closed.