Update the Danske ID app to the latest version and allow use of the camera in your mobile device

The latest 1.6.0 version of the Danske ID app asks for your consent to use the camera in your mobile device. The camera will be used to scan QR codes when using Danske ID to log in to eBanking or District.

You can update to the latest version of the app now and allow the use of the camera in your mobile device in confidence and so be ready in good time for the upcoming change. The change to logging in will take place during the next few months.

You can check the version number of your Danske ID app by logging in to the app and choosing About Danske ID.

How personal customers log in to eBanking and businesses to District using Danske ID once QR codes have been introduced

  1. Write danskebank.fi in the browser address bar and click Log-on. Choose either For you > eBanking or For businesses > District.
  2. Give your user ID and password, click Continue.
  3. Click the Send button on the Danske ID page. A single-use QR code will be generated on the login page.
  4. Open the Danske ID app in your mobile device and aim the camera in your device to the QR code visible on the login page.
  5. Finally accept the log-in in the Danske ID app.

Please remember that you should never use the results of a search engine to log in to eBanking. Always write danskebank.fi in the browser address bar yourself to ensure that you do not end up on scam websites maintained by criminals.