Secure eBanking alone does not protect you from all information security threats.

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Detecting fraudulent use

Danske Bank receives various information about you as a user of eBanking or Business Online. In the following we will explain what information is involved and what we use it for.

Trough eBanking or Business Online, we can also collect data about the IP addresses that you use, time for log-in, the communication that takes place between you and the bank as well as other data that Danske Bank considers relevant for the operation of eBanking or Business Online.

In addition, we register a profile of your keyboard and mouse key pattern. The purpose of the profile is to prevent fraud due to unauthorised access to your security credentials in eBanking or District as a result of a hacking or virus attack on your or the company’s computer. The profile is used to compare the key pattern on your log-in with the profile of your key pattern. The purpose of the comparison is to detect attempted fraud if any.

Secure your computer

In order to keep eBanking safe, you also need to secure your computer. You should at least take these things into consideration:

  • Update your operating system, browser and other software with the latest security patches from the vendor. Most programs offer an automated update feature, which we recommend you use.
  • Use updated antivirus software and scan your computer regularly
  • Use an updated personal firewall
  • Use a browser, which supports at least 128-bit SSL encryption

In addition to the above, you can protect your computer against viruses, worms and other malware by being cautious when using the Internet or e-mail, or installing or downloading programs.

  • Avoid suspicious websites and opening dubious links
  • Do not open or install dubious files
  • Do not open strange and dubious e-mail messages, their file attachments or links
  • When you are installing software, remember to ensure that the downloaded files come from reliable sites.

Read more about current information security (National Cyber Security Centre /

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