Share issue – Tallink Group AS

The company has decided to increase its share capital by a share issue. As a shareholder you will receive 1 subscription right for each 10 share held. You are entitled to subscribe 1 new share per every 1 subscription right. Shareholders who held shares in the company on 16 August 2021 have a preemptive right.

Subscription period:

25.8.2021 – 30.8.2021

Subscription price:

EUR 0,47

Payment date:

Subscription date


Do you wish to subscribe for new shares?

The number of new shares for which you can subscribe is determined by the number of subscription rights you hold on 30 August 2021. Trading with subscription rights is not possible.

Please note the subscription will be first made in a temporary isin, EE3800004466 which will be later converted to Tallink Group AS ordinary share.

If you want to subscribe for new shares, you can send your reply via eBanking by clicking Investment, Trade and Corporate action reply. You may also make your subscription through our Investment Advisory Center (tel. +358 (0)200 2580 Mon-Fri 08.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. Finnish time, providing you have the service keys, local network charge/mobile phone charge).

Please make sure that your reply reaches us by 30 August 2021 at 3 p.m. If your reply has not reached us by then, we will assume that you do not wish to subscribe for new shares. Subscription rights remaining in your custody account after expiry of the subscription period will be deleted without compensation.

Please note in your reply you need to disclose your name, personal ID or registration number and address. 

The subscription for new shares is settled through the cash account linked to your custody account.

Oversubscription is possible. A wish to oversubscribe must be made through our Investment Advisory Center (tel. +358 (0)200 2580 Mon-Fri 08.00 a.m. - 06.00  

p.m. Finnish time, providing you have the service keys, local network charge/mobile phone charge).

When assessing the offer you should in particular be aware of matters relating to tax and price and interest rate trends, sector and market conditions and information given by the company.

There may be local requirements applying to the offer. If you wish to accept the offer, it is your own responsibility to ensure compliance with any legislation.

Please notice that the bank that executes your order shall not evaluate the appropriateness or suitability of the financial instrument or service in question to you. Please contact Investment Advisory Center, if you have questions.

Tervetuloa Danske Bankiin.

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